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Karina Avilés

Co-founder and President

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Juan Carlos
del Castillo

Co-founder and Commercial Vice President

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Kalep Blanco

Co-founder and Vice President of Technology

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Andrea Vara


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Karina Avilés

Co-fundadora y Presidenta
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Co-founder and president of; with a degree in International Commerce from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur (UABCS).

CEO of the North American telecommunications company ZedTelecom, LLC; Co-founder and General Director of the telecommunications and broadcasting concessionaire BOOHCOM, S.A. de C.V .; and General Manager of the telecommunication services company Soluciones Móviles Inteligentes, S.A. de C.V.

She was the director of the Financing Program for Microenterprise and director of the Financing Program for Franchises of the National Institute of Entrepreneurs, Secretary of Economy; Manager of the Los Cabos Hotels Association, A.C., and the Los Cabos Tourism Trust; and advisor during the LVIII Legislative Term of the Senate of the Republic.

Juan Carlos del Castillo

Co-fundador y Vicepresidente Comercial
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Co-founder and vice president of; with a degree in Economics from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur (UABCS).

He is currently the Technical Director of the Higher Education Accreditation Council in Mexico (COPAES), member of the board of directors of the Ibero-American Network for Accreditation of Higher Education (RIACES), higher education quality consultant of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) and co-founder of BOOHCOM, SA de C.V. and Soluciones Móviles Inteligentes, S.A. de C.V.

He was the commercial director of ZedTelecom, LLC, Advisor of the Commission for Science and Technology of the Senate of the Republic, technical secretary of the Commission of Promotional Operations of Academic Activities of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, deputy director of regional affairs of the National Council for Science and Technology, Advisor to the State Government of Baja California Sur, and he received recognition from the United States government under the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).

Kalep Blanco>

Co-fundador y Vicepresidente de Tecnología
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Currently, he is vice president of technology at He obtained his PhD in Cryptography and master's degree in Artificial Intelligence at Washington State University. He also has an engineering degree in Computer Systems from Instituto Politecnico Nacional.

He was systems director of LOKO LOKO Films, and his participation in the 3D animated film "Ana", by director Carlos Carrera, stand out. He was general manager for Astech Tech and production assistant for Global Production Networks. He was president of INTV Mexico and member of the INTQ SOFT Mexico technology cluster.

Andrea Vara

Directora General
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Chief Executive Officer of, who has extensive experience in the telecommunications market, opinion studies and political campaigns. She was deputy general manager of Gabinete de Comunicación Estrategica, one of the biggest opinion research companies in Mexico, where she was able to, among other achievements, to create, install and manage three call center, for more than 3,000 telephone agents, which were used during a presidential electoral campaign in Mexico.

Organizer of the National Survey of Opinion Studies in Mexico; receiving the Best Latin American Opinion Research Award (REED LATINO) stands out.