Our Whitepaper published in 2016 states that our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) should be divided into 4 issues of 25,000,000 [email protected] each year, starting in 2016 to reach a total of 100,000,000 in 2019. According to the aforementioned, for this year 2017, 25,000,000 [email protected] will be issued and placed in the ICO 2017 from November 5 to December 19 of this year.

During 2017, some countries created new regulations, especially for ICOs. In from the beginning we have expressed the importance of following the rules of the different countries where [email protected] can transit. Likewise, we are committed to promote initiatives that allow a legal operation of blockchain technology and particularly of cryptocurrencies, creating practices that serve as examples for others through self-regulation, since in many countries these regulations are still not very clear. In this regard, we decided to be at the forefront, in addition to our priority in giving greater certainty to our investors and those who have trusted and have committed to our project.

This is why we have decided to make modifications to the original Whitepaper. We want to let our community of followers know that taking into account the above, we will not carry out our ICO 2017 and will look for alternatives to place the remaining 75,000,000 of [email protected] under a scheme that meets the requirements of the main countries in which we operate.

We apologize to those who might feel affected. We will be publishing the new Whitepaper on our website. We will also include a 10,000,000 issue of [email protected] for payment of commissions, permits, fees or studies that have to do with regulation in various countries. These funds will not be put into circulation because they will be managed by a smart contract that will only allow their use for the aforementioned purposes.

Additionally, there will be some interesting announcements for the [email protected] community to continue with this project that has had a very favorable evolution over the course of a year. In principle we inform you that [email protected], our exchange, is already available and we have requested our incorporation to some sites that register the market capital of cryptocurrencies. In addition, our agreements with several of our strategic partners will help us count on a rapid growth in 2018.

During the Latin American Blockchain Forum 2017 (November 9 and 10), which we organized along with the United States Digital Chamber of Commerce and the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur, we will be making important announcements with our partners of our plans for 2018.

We will continue informing by means of our website and digital media. Our new Whitepaper will soon be available.